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MAX has been developed placing user need first through empathetic, research-led design, to create the most technologically advanced and beautiful hub of its type in the world.

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The future of global streetside Smart City hub experiences.

MAX3 represents the most technologically advanced and valuable hub of its type in the world, combining cutting edge design and groundbreaking functionality.


100% built in the UK, MAX3 has the looks to match the genius of its internal components. Incorporating the free public WiFi and free telephone calls of MAX1 and MAX2 with multifunctional interactive touch screens and even more internal hardware such as next generation small cells, emergency service functions, pollution monitoring and numerous public safety features bringing public benefits as never seen before in this sector.


Key features & functions

• Free phone calls

• Free public WiFi

• Mobile coverage enhancement

• Mobile data gap coverage

• Smart City data capture

• Weather sensors

• Pollution monitoring

• Traffic monitoring

• Driverless car enabled*

• Colour changing ability

• Language selector

• Emergency services

• Full HD touch screen

• Public phone handset

• Phone charger terminals

• Small Cells

• Solar/Rain responsive panels

• Optional security camera

• LED illumination

• Optional electric car charger

• Driverless car ready

• Smart traffic sensors

• Speaker/microphone

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