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MAX has been developed placing user need first through empathetic, research-led design, to create the most technologically advanced and beautiful hub of its type in the world.

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The classic.

Created as a starting block for our company and an evolution of the classic phone box for the rapid deployment of our network whilst working within funding limits and the current regulations. MAX1 represents the first generation of Smart City telephone kiosk redevelopment.


The design of MAX1 was created under the maxim of ‘form follows function’ and the current parameters prescribed by The Town & Country Planning Acts, as much as possible keeping pace with the rapid evolution of Smart Cities.


In addition to providing free public WiFi and free phone calls, a key function of MAX1 is the optional incorporation of small cell equipment in its roof provided by mobile network operators, giving much needed mobile phone signal and data gap coverage.


Key features & functions

• Free phone calls

• Free public WiFi

• Mobile coverage enhancement

• Mobile data gap coverage

• Public phone handset

• Small Cells

• Rain shelter

• Protective siding

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