One of the greatest challenges for the Central and Local Governments of the 21st century will be the management of growing urban populations and cities.

Innovation and investment to enhance the capabilities of our telecommunications based infrastructure will play a key role in the solution.


Public call boxes are an integral and necessary part of the national telecommunications infrastructure. Their basic functions are frequently used by many, and are of particular importance to a number of demographic groups in the population.

The core principles behind the development of public call box networks remain very relevant through their ability to facilitate communications in public spaces. We see this as an underrated, often ignored and untapped resource for our cities.


Through innovation combining advances in technology with the power of internet connectivity, there is an exciting opportunity to fulfil a number of public needs, advancing further with the inclusion of 4G and 5G hardware.


Our MAX product line has been developed to play a sustainable role in becoming part of the solution to many of the challenges faced both now and in the future.


MAX is privately funded, accessible, inclusive and totally free for the public to use.